An Audio Guest Book is a clever little phone that allows your guests to leave sentimental/funny/inappropriate voicemails. Our Audio Guest Books will enable you to record the actual voices of your guests. A Mother leaves a sentimental, heartfelt message. The cousin who recounts that "had to be there" moment ten years ago. The drunken guest says something they will probably regret the next day. These voicemails are unique and fun. Make sure to book your audio guest book today!

Audio Guest Books

$400 Flat Fee
  • Unlimited audio messages

  • Neon light leave a message sign

  • Retro and super unique experience

  • Custom greeting message

  • Cocktail table with custom signage

  • We drop off and pick up at the end of the event (super easy to use)

  • *Over 45 miles from redlands, ca may require a travel fee*

Add on available for an additional fee

Red Carpet

Red Ropes