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How to Creatively Use Photo Booths at Destination Events

Destination events have recently gained popularity among many businesses because they're a great way to create unique and memorable experiences for attendees. These gatherings let business owners create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and increase attendance and engagement. They can also allow you to flex their offerings in a new and exciting environment.

While finding the right location, providing comfortable accommodations, and offering exceptional food and beverage options are vital, you can't create a memorable gathering without hiring a photo booth. These investments are famous for providing guests with a fun and easy way to take pictures and create keepsakes.

If you're ready to make something memorable far from the office, we'll define destination events and how to use photo booths during these gatherings.

What Is a Destination Event?

Corporate destination events are business gatherings that owners hold outside a company's main office, like meetings, conferences, and team-building activities. They aim to provide a new meeting environment, build team morale, and showcase new products or services. Also, company owners typically organize these socialization events at hotels, resorts, or conference centers that can accommodate large groups.

Why Should Your Business Hold Destination Events?

Hosting corporate events in desirable destinations can be an excellent opportunity for businesses to establish connections, expand their network, and improve the overall motivation of their employees. Also, these gatherings can be a powerful promotional method for enhancing the visibility of a company's brand and offerings among a larger target audience.

5 Innovative Ways to Use a Photo Booth

Whether it's a meeting, conference, or team-building activity, everyone deserves to enjoy a fun corporate destination event. After defining this business gathering and its significance, this section will provide five creative ways to use a photo booth.

1. Branded Activation

Adding your event or company logo to your photo booth is a great way to make it unique. You can do this by incorporating your branding into the backdrop or banner or customizing the photo booth with your colors and design. Besides adding fun to the picture-taking area, it also helps promote your brand and make it more memorable for attendees.

2. Customized Printouts

Digital photos are convenient to share online, but having a physical printout of your photo booth pictures is uniquely special. You can make your guests feel valued by offering customized prints, from adding a logo to the bottom of the photograph to creating bespoke frames or borders. You can also consider reviving the trend of vintage photo booth strips. That way, you can add a personal touch to the gathering and create a lasting memory for your guests.

3. Green Screen Backgrounds

A photo booth with quirky props can be fantastic, but you can add a fun and personalized touch to your corporate destination events by adding a green screen. Here, guests can select from various background options to transport themselves to a different place or fit the event's theme. You can also create custom backgrounds to make the experience even more unique.

4. Props and Accessories

You can enhance your guests' enjoyment by incorporating hats, glasses, and wigs in your photo booth. You can also be imaginative with the props and align them with the event's theme. For instance, if it's a beach party, you can provide beach balls and inflatable palm trees for the guests.

5. Social Media Hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for your photo booth event to encourage guests to share their pictures online and create a sense of community. Use the hashtag to track all the images and repost them on your social media channels.


All guests deserve to enjoy your corporate event, especially when the venue is distant from the working premises. You can create something unique and memorable by renting a high-quality photo booth and customizing the props, accessories, and background of your gathering.

If you need an attractive photo booth in Orange County for your incoming destination events, rent one from SuperFly Photo! We're ready to help you generate social media buzz with our quality offerings. Book us now!

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